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Make landscape investment and impact claims with LandScale

LandScale is piloting a new claims validation mechanism which will allow you to make credible claims about your organization’s contribution to landscape-level sustainability outcomes. These claims are based on the idea of shared causality – that is, that landscape-level sustainability improvements may involve contributions from multiple landscape stakeholders.

If you are supporting a landscape initiative or landscape-level change this is your chance to credibly communicate your impact.

We will select only 10 eligible applicants to participate in the pilot, so don’t wait – apply now!

Who is eligible?

Our pilot is open to companies, donors, financial institutions and civil society organisations who are supporting specific interventions within landscapes that have completed or will soon complete a LandScale assessment.

To find out if the landscape you’re supporting is eligible, visit our Landscape Explorer.

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What types of claims can you make?

Landscape investment claims

Landscape investment claims focus on actions or investments that are taken to drive improvements in sustainability at landscape scale.

These claims are made before landscape-level sustainability results are achieved. They are based on predicted future improvements because of the claimant’s actions or investments, measurable by metrics associated with LandScale indicators.  ​

Landscape impact claims

Landscape impact claims focus on actions or investments which have contributed to landscape-level sustainability improvements.

Impact claims can be made based on actual improvements in metrics associated with specific LandScale indicators that have been documented and validated by LandScale.

How does it work?

If you are selected for the pilot, your application will be reviewed by the LandScale team who will verify that your contributions to improving landscape sustainability are:

  • Designed in consultation with the activity’s intended participants and beneficiaries, and any other local stakeholders who may be significantly affected;
  • Designed to contribute to improving key sustainability outcomes related to ecosystem health, human-wellbeing, governance and production at the landscape level
  • Designed and implemented to avoid negative impacts on landscape stakeholders or sustainability outcomes, having undergone appropriate review, impact assessment, or safeguard procedures.

Please note: The LandScale claims mechanism does not support attribution claims, and care should be taken not to imply that a landscape-level result is solely attributable to specific interventions.

Application process

The deadline for applications is 29 September