Using LandScale

Companies, industry initiatives, NGOs, governments, donors, and financial institutions can use LandScale to measure the sustainability status of any landscape with substantial natural resource-based economies and supply chains.

How It Works

Assessments can be conducted by a single organization, a group interested in developing a collaborative landscape program, or an existing multi-stakeholder landscape partnership.

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Making Claims

The ability to communicate progress and achievements at landscape scale through simple yet credible claims is key to attracting additional investment and support for your work. LandScale helps you make claims based on progress and achievements related to issues covered by an assessment. These landscape performance claims can be combined with claims about your role in or link to the landscape.

Example claims:

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Getting Started

The assessment framework, verification mechanism, and reporting platform will be released for public use in 2021. In the meantime, see the LandScale v0.2 publications below to learn more and sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on interesting developments.

Additional Resources

The supplementary resources below are designed to support our pilots through the assessment process and provide additional information to those interested in using LandScale.

Frequently Asked Questions