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Make evidence-backed claims with LandScale

Develop credible claims to communicate progress and achievements at landscape scale

Contribution claims

LandScale is piloting a new claims validation mechanism which will allow you to make credible claims about your individual contribution to landscape-level sustainability outcomes. These investment and impact claims are based on the idea of shared causality – that is, that landscape-level sustainability improvements may involve contributions from multiple landscape stakeholders.

Types of claims

LandScale supports three types of claims

Landscape performance

Communication of the sustainability status or trends for one or more LandScale indicators or metrics for the given landscape.

Landscape investment claim

Communication describing actions or investments being taken to drive improvements in sustainability at landscape scale.

Landscape impact claim

Communication describing how the actions or investments taken have contributed to landscape-level sustainability improvements.

Make credible claims using LandScale

Generated using a holistic framework and robust assessment methodology

Validation by local and global experts provides confidence in the results

Publication of assessment on the platform provides transparency and context for claims

How it works

After an assessment has been validated, there are three simple steps to make a claim

Fill in the form to request validation of your claim


Receive feedback and adjust your claim accordingly


Gain access to the LandScale logo to use alongside your claims (optional)


Ready to make claims?