About the initiative - LandScale

About the LandScale initiative

LandScale is a collaborative initiative dedicated to driving improvements at scale by making reliable information about landscape initiative maturity and sustainability widely available.

Our vision

A future where people, nature and business prosper through sustainable landscape management.

Our mission

LandScale equips local and global landscape stakeholders to access and report reliable information about landscape management and sustainability performance, enabling them to design and target interventions to deliver greater impact at scale.

Who we are

A collaborative initiative

LandScale is co-led by Rainforest Alliance and Conservation International. Together, we have extensive experience in using market-based solutions and landscape approaches to deliver sustainability at scale.
Rainforest Alliance
Conservation International

Developed in partnership

The early development of LandScale was supported by a number of key partners who helped test and shape the system.

A growing coalition

We work in partnership with other organizations focused on driving sustainability at scale.
•1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People
Landscape Finance Lab

Join our journey to scale sustainability

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Our advisory group

Our advisors provide invaluable input into the continuing development of LandScale.

Daniel Nepstad

Earth Innovation Institute

Sara Scherr

1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People

Mike Senior


Norma Pedroza Aceo


Paul Chatterton

Landscape Finance Lab

Simon Hall

Walmart Foundation

Martin Huxtable


Our donors

The development of LandScale has been generously supported by our current and past donors.

Current donors

Past donors

Our approach

Enabling credible assessment and reporting

LandScale provides a practical yet robust system to credibly and consistently assess, validate, and report information about landscape management and landscape sustainability performance. Development of the system, which comprises an online platform, indicator framework, guidance and validation and technical support service, began in 2019 and was guided by extensive field-testing by landscape initiatives and consultation with partners, advisors and subject-matter experts. The LandScale team continues to work to enhance the user experience and functionality of the system, in collaboration with existing users, partners and other key stakeholders.

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Scale adoption

We are enabling landscape initiatives around the world to use the LandScale platform and guidance to share credible and consistent information about the management and sustainability performance of the landscapes they are working in.

Facilitating landscape engagement

Investors, donors and businesses dependent on natural resources are increasingly recognizing the importance of engaging at landscape scale to solve the urgent and interlinked environmental and social challenges we face. LandScale provides the opportunity to connect with and access credible information about the management and sustainability performance of landscape initiatives around the world, enabling additional resources to be targeted to strengthen landscape management and drive improvements in landscape sustainability where they are most needed.

Sustainable business

Our values

Our shared values provide the basis for decision-making at an individual and organizational level.

We are passionate about solving some of the most urgent environmental and social challenges of our time, from deforestation, climate change, and biodiversity loss to rural poverty. The ability to have a significant, positive, and lasting impact on these issues at scale will be our utmost priority in all decision-making.

We take the time to research and understand the current and future needs of our target customers and develop a practical and cost-effective product to meet these needs. We seek regular feedback from customers regarding the functionality and value proposition of our products and services. We prioritize meeting the needs of our customers over our organizational interests as long as this doesn’t compromise trust from other stakeholders.

We prioritize collaboration with other initiatives working in the landscape sustainability space over duplication of effort or competition unless this will compromise our ability to achieve our strategic objectives. We recognize that collaborations are key to strengthening our credibility and delivering impact at scale and seek to build and strengthen strategic partnerships. We aim to offer a product and service that promotes collaboration between sectors and stakeholders.

We want to make a significant contribution to creating a future where a variety of different stakeholders take responsibility for delivering improvements in sustainability at the landscape scale. We aim to show leadership and push boundaries in testing and promoting new methodologies and ideas. To do this we seek feedback on our product early and often so that we can adapt quickly.

We aim to build trust between everyone involved in the LandScale consortium by communicating with clarity and being empathetic and inclusive of diversity. We demonstrate integrity and credibility in the way that we develop our product and in all external communications.