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Access critical information, make informed decisions, and share credible stories of impact.

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Measuring Performance

LandScale includes three components to help the private sector, governments, and civil society access robust insights that can guide and incentivize sustainability improvements at scale.

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“Issues like deforestation and biodiversity can be addressed more effectively by collective action at a landscape scale. LandScale provides a needed framework for measuring performance and incentivizing improvement at this scale.”

— Patrick Mallet, ISEAL Director, Innovations

“Landscale offers a standard approach to distill complex progress on key landscape sustainability outcomes across different sectors and geographies. It is designed to fit the critical gap between farm/estate level certification and efforts to green corporate supply chains.”

— John Mason, NCRC

“Issues like deforestation and degradation can’t be overcome by a single organization, farm or business — we need a common framework to drive collective action and monitor progress at scale.”

— Jan-Kees, Global Director Sustainable Sourcing Development, Unilever

“To effectively address pressing sustainability challenges, companies must engage beyond their supply chains. Credible tools to assess how different actors contribute meaningful impact are urgently needed to monitor responsible sourcing commitments. We’re excited to see LandScale developing a common framework to measure and verify sustainability progress at scale.”

— Jonas Dallinger, GIZ

Powering Sustainability

LandScale drives improvements at scale by making reliable information about landscape sustainability widely available.

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Working Across Landscapes

Several landscapes with different geographies, challenges, commodities, and governance models are currently testing LandScale to ensure it’s practical and impactful.

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