Big Challenges Need Big Solutions

Time is running out to solve the complex and far-reaching environmental and socio-economic challenges facing our planet. 

Issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and water depletion affect us all. We need to look beyond our own borders — be that of a farm, village or supply chain — to fully understand these challenges and implement effective actions to address them.

Our Approach

Unlike traditional certification programs that assess and recognize sustainability performance at the production unit level, LandScale drives improvements at scale by assessing the cumulative impact of all activities within a landscape.

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Our Vision

By highlighting sustainability trends at landscape-level and empowering informed collective action, we’re working toward a future where communities and ecosystems thrive amid a growing demand for food, fiber, and other commodities. LandScale covers four pillars: 

Our Partners

A growing coalition of global partners, led by the Rainforest Alliance, Verra, and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance are developing and testing LandScale.