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Service providers

We help to connect organizations who have identified the need for a LandScale assessment with individuals and teams with the expertise needed to conduct an assessment.

Conducting a LandScale assessment requires a team of people which, between them, have the following experience and expertise:

  • Project management
  • Technical knowledge of the sustainability topics covered by the LandScale assessment framework. This should include familiarity with common data sets and data collection methodologies.
  • The ability to assess data quality and calculate metrics based on secondary and possibly primary data
  • Spatial analysis using geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Data vizualisation (recommended)
  • English writing skills (recommended)

If you have some or all of the necessary experience and expertise, and would like to be informed about requests for proposals to conduct a LandScale assessments or join a LandScale assessment team, please register to join our service provider database by filling out the form below.

Find a service provider

If you have identified the need to conduct a LandScale assessment, but your organization or partnership doesn’t have sufficient capacity or the expertise required, LandScale can help you connect with potential service providers. Please contact us to help us find a suitable service provider for you.

Download the assessment team terms of reference